How you can help


Financial Donations

We exist on the kindness and generosity of others who are looking to make a difference in the lives of animals who would otherwise have no hope of a future.  Donations of any amount make a huge difference. Paypal donations can be made to

Wish List Items

Taking care of our animals is very costly and there are so many items we need every day.  If you would like to donate an item to us we are most in need of:




Garbage Bags

Paper Towels


Cat Littler

Cat Food (Royal Canin)

Dog Food (Dog Chow/Hills Science Diet)

Shop on Amazon

If you love Amazon like we do - select EARLS Hope Rescue as your charity of choice.   And then each time you go to to shop a percentage gets donated to the rescue.   This can really add up over time and doesn't cost you a thing!   To register go to

Veterinary Care

Keeping our animals healthy is one of the largest expenses in Rescue.   The kind staff at Price Creek Animal Hospital work with us on everything from needed shots and medications to costly spay/neuter and surgery. Donations can be made directly to Price Creek Animal Hospital in Bremen, Georgia in honor of EARL's Hope to help pay our large veterinary expenses.   They are located at 401 Price Creek Rd, Bremen, GA 30110