Become a Foster

EARL's Hope could not run without the kindness and generosity of foster families.   There are far more animals to save than we have room for at our location.   Fostering involves taking an animal into your home for a short period of time until they are scheduled for a transport north.  You can specify dogs or cats, certain ages and sizes.  EARL's Hope provides all the food, bedding, crates and veterinary care.   You provide the shelter and love.   It is an incredibly rewarding experience!

Download our Foster Application

General Help

We operate 365 days a year - and there is never a shortage of chores to be done.  If you are interested in helping at the kennel, assisting with laundry, driving animals to the vet - any assistance be it one time or on a regular basis is greatly appreciated.   E-mail us at sueannb@bellsouth.net to get started.